Thursday, August 25, 2011

Glamour on the Go 1-2-3, with Alicia Quarles

Who doesn't want to look fabulous quickly? The clock is usually never on my side when I'm running to an event or an evening out and have to switch from mom-work mode and get into high-glam mode. But, I get it done, and you can too with a few simple tips. And I'm talking about getting your entire look done, from hair and make-up to wardrobe in all of fifteen minutes. Yes, I'm serious!

I decided to bring in a very special guest and expert to help me break down the best way to get glamour done on the fly -- Alicia Quarles, global entertainment editor for the Associated Press.

Alicia Quarles gives us her stellar tips for looking good on the run.
As someone who always needs to be camera-ready at the drop of a hat for on-air reporting when she interviews the likes of say Madonna or Oprah Winfrey, I knew that Alicia was just the one for this piece.

So, sit back, watch, and let the glamming begin:

A ton of thanks to Alicia for her dazzling advice! You can find out how multi-faceted she is here!
Your 15 min. Glamour 1-2-3:

1) Hair: Work with a hairstyle that's always been your trustiest and most rock solid. Don't rock the boat. Then just use a little bit of product, and the necessary tool whether it's a comb or blow dryer when you're in a rush, to add some polish.

2) Make-up: Focus on a feature that you like and emphasize it, and keep all the others minimal. For example, I like my lips, so many times I'll just throw on a bold lip color (like a nice hot pink or orange-red) and some bronzer and head out the door.

3) Wardrobe: One-piece outfits like dresses and jumpsuits make quick glamour stress-free. You don't have to think about matching a top and bottom and furthermore they're feminine, sophisticated and comfortable too. Alicia mentioned Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses as a favorite, and here's a silk one I found that is fantastic. Take a look:

DVF Nove Wrap Dress ($425)

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