Friday, May 31, 2013

Playing with Eyeliner: Thursday Night w/ Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon w/ Sophia Loren in Rome 1966
As I prepared tonight for my editorial photo shoot this weekend-- packing my kit in ziplocks and satchels, washing my brushes and organizing my bag, I, per my routine, looked at images for inspiration (as well as any reference photos of the model(s) and makeup if needed). Today's single picture story is an inspiration that caught my eye by photographer Richard Avedon with Sophia Loren taken in Rome in 1966. 

I was practicing fine lines with a new eyeliner by Victoria's Secret VS Makeup Graphic Liner Pen -- which gets a NuyBeauty LIKE!;-) -- on my belly. No kidding. It was a nice bare surface to work on, while seamlessly watching an art documentary (Dirty Hands on artist David Choe)! And I thought of precision, clean lines, crispness... cat-eyes. Hence, Richard Avedon. So above is my makeup musing of the day. 

What do you think?

-- N.C.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Beauty Gifts for the Best Venter!

You're basically two clicks and a good #vent away from a bag of swag - ha!

Happy happy Mama's Day! My goodness do we work our as*es off all year to provide for our kids - in every which way. Well, I hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow, whether it's a day for yourself chilling out, or with your family and/or children. However you spend it, just know that being a mom is the hardest job in the world and this is the one day you should really really celebrate what a tough cookie you are. And how beautiful a being you are. Smile, relax and enjoy the day that is all about how YOU take care of those around you.

And because I love to give, I want to give a surprise bag of fun and mom-lovin' beauty goodies to a special mommy who comments on anything fun, funny, irritating, basically a FAIL-- whatever you want, that's happened to you as a mom (& if you're a pet-mom, foster mom, it all counts of course!), beauty- or fashion-wise while parenting underneath this blog [in the comments section]. And do me a tiny favor too ;-): follow me on Twitter @nuybeauty. Super easy rules for this contest, right?

The winner will be: the best commentator! You're basically two clicks and a good #vent away from a bag of swag - ha! I love you all! And feel to #VENT on Twitter if you so please! Just hashtag #VENT2NUY when you do so. :-)

Secret, sexy, beauty treats straight from Victoria's Secret Beauty to you!

Plus update, thanks to Victoria's Secret, there will be a bunch of awesome treats from their beauty collection in there, to spice things up - how cool is that?! 

Happy Mother's Day!


Congrats to for her hilarious comment and for winning the contest! Enjoy!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Get Marion Cotillard's Elegant Curls by Robert Vetica from the 2013 Met Gala!

Marion Cotillard at the Met Gala, May 6, 2013, courtesy Getty Images Entertainment
There are few actors I am in enamored of - swept away by. I find too many of actor's faces and personas to be boring or un-alluring. However, Marion Cotillard is an exception. She is enigmatic, and when she moves on the camera, or you see her in print, there is a certain energy about it that is beyond your typical beauty. It's a bit electric, kind of incendiary -- the quality of a true starlet.

The red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC is always a terrific scene for fashion. It's not like the Oscars where those invited come in billowing princess gowns and want many times to mimic old Hollywood and you see way too many Belles & Snow White look alikes (sorry!). The Met Gala is 100 percent about pure fashion, which is why I love it because it is a true celebration of dressing and costume at its essence. This year's theme: “PUNK: Chaos to Couture,” depicted the significant influence of the punk scene in the 70s as a music-inspired street happening and how it effected designers with legacies like Vivienne Westwood, and how it continues to infiltrate the runways today. 

Academy Award-winning actress Marion Cotillard, always eloquent in her style statement, arrived in a nude/rose strapless Dior couture gown with her hair styled in a retro-chic deconstructed look. It was simple, drop-dead gorgeous and flawless.

And, what I loved about her seemingly traditional and beautiful look? Her amazing hair. The side-swept curls -- with just the right touch of asymmetry. Robert Vetica, her stylist put a bit of controlled chaos -- we could maybe even say a bit punkish! -- in her rolled sideswept locks to offset her traditional dress, which was perfectly classic and couture. Now, that's thoughtful fashion. And it is truly CHAOS to COUTURE from head to toe. ;-).


Here's how Robert Vetica, owner of the luxurious Robert Vetica Salon at the famed SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, created her look, exclusively with René Furterer products, so you can recreate it for yourself! "I wanted an asymmetrical feeling with two distinct textures—sleek on one side and textured with volume on the other, giving a feeling of deconstructed glamour," commented Vetica.

1) Starting with towel-dried hair, I applied René Furterer VOLUMEA volumizing foam - no rinse. This added volume and texture and also helped to protect hair from the heat of my blow-dryer and curling iron.

2) Next, after giving Marion's hair a blow-out, I made a low side part, and then pulled the left side of the hair tight, straight back and pinned it into place.

3) Using a small, 1/2 inch curling iron [try BaByLiss Pro 1-1/2" curling iron - a high quality tool you'll love -Nuy], I curled the outer perimeter of the right side of the hair into soft waves.

4) Next, I pin-curled the very top of her head to create the wave that fell off to the front and right side to frame Marion's face.

5) Once the curling process was done, I generously applied René Furterer VEGETAL FINISHING SPRAY to ensure hold and create shine. 

6) I finished the look by brushing the curls out and pinning the hair under to form the asymmetrical shape that you see - sleek on one side and textured with volume and retro waves on the other. For extra sheen, I gave Marion's hair a final misting of René Furterer GLOSSING SPRAY.

If you have any questions on this how-to, feel free to contact me at and I'll be happy to help! xo

Many thanks to Karen and Oliver Associates