Friday, March 6, 2015

Beauty Tips from The Body Shop’s Global Skincare Expert Dr. Terry Loong

Dr. Terry Loong, The Body Shop’s Global Skincare Expert
I had the pleasure this week of spending some quality time with Dr. Terry Loong, The Body Shop’s Global Skincare Expert. She has been a doctor for the last 11 years and was voted one of the Rising Stars in the Aesthetic Industry and winner of the Best New Clinic in 2013. She was charismatic, exceedingly knowledgeable, and what I appreciated about her most was that she shared my heartfelt, culturally driven, familial passion for skincare.

Three notable tips I took away from her expert talk:

1) You can test the amount of hydration you have/or are lacking in your skin by doing a pinch, pucker and grab test. Meaning you can gently pinch the area underneath your eyes and see how much they bounce back -- if they take too much time you are either dehydrated or may need to start using anti-aging cream. You can pucker your lips for a kiss and see if there are fine lines forming around your lips -- if so, it's again the same, time to use anti-aging skincare and/or drink more fluids. Lastly, grab your cheeks as you would a child's and see how resilient the skin is. Is it saggy? Is there enough of it? You should have something to grab. Again, hydration is key, but around the age of 30, we start to lose our natural ability to hydrate so starting to use an anti-aging skin cream is beneficial. Try Body Shop's New Drops of Youth Sleeping Mask before you go to bed. Rub a teaspoonful between your hands until it warms up and massage it into your face and neck. I've been using it the last two nights and my face has been feeling dewy and bouncy in the mornings! It has hyaluronic acid, edelweiss extract and Edelweiss stem cells, a naturally developed anti-aging ingredient.
The Body Shop Drops of Youth™ Bouncy Sleeping Mask ($30)

2) Having sex three times a week according to a study in Denmark for a year will make you look up to ten years younger. Now how's that for awesome?

3) Going to sleep by 10 p.m. will enhance your beauty sleep. Your body needs its time to rejuvenate its cells, turn them over and replenish. Staying up too late can cause stress, a hormone called cortisol, which can assist in prematurely aging you. Don't fight sleep. Get your beauty rest.


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