Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Make Up Room: VS Fantasies Collection: A Shea Butter Dream of Moisture

My new product review column: The Make Up Room
Who doesn't love shea butter? It's getting cold on the mainland (that's what us local Hawaiian girls call the continental United States :-)), and moisturizing your skin is key to looking beautiful, young, and also anti-aging. As we mature, we lose more and more our ability to naturally provide our own moisture from the inside. We also lose pigment (think of you hair turning white, but that's a whole `nother issue we don't need to get into now). Anyhow, Victoria's Secret VS Fantasies just came out with a limited edition set of shea butter packed, heavenly scented lotions and a body mist that are sweetly packaged and just a sheer pleasure to massage onto your body.

They have generally all have a two of my favorite beauty ingredients: shea butter (for its sheer high intensity moisturization, anti-inflammatory properties -- and aloe vera, which is a soother, anti-irritant and reduces chafing), but the best part is that they absorb incredibly well and unlike other lotions that may make you ash a few hours later, these have lasting power. I particularly love the MOISTURE LUXE Body Creme, which also has Jojoba Butter, a non greasy skin protectant with tons of benefits! (4 oz./$14). As well as the MOISTURE LUXE Hand Cream, that also has replenishing Avocado Oil, which is packed with Vitamin E, for 24-hour moisture (5 oz./$14; 2.5 oz./$5).

The VS Fantasies Collection, available at Victoria's Secret stores or

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Exquisite Reem Acra Fall Bridal Show 2013 w/ Fantasy Nails

One of my favorites at Reem Acra, Fall Bridal 2013. Ethereal, Amphibian, yet still Classic.
My baby girl, who really isn't a baby anymore :-( at 4 years old was Cinderella for Halloween. The inevitable princess thing happened. I can't say I ever went through it, but when Zoya invited me so kindly to the Reem Acra Fall 2013 Bridal Show the other week, this gal, moi, who wore Chanel pants and a Lagerfeld T to her City Hall wedding party -- well, I can fully admit to you that I was fantasy struck!

Reem Acra's dresses seemed to cascade and float like fairy dust and angel's wings. The models were weightless like the tulle, and the silk, rhinestones, lace and headdresses flowed like clouds drifting past a magic kingdom. You forgot you were in midtown in a crowded room full of eager iPhoners and papparrazi!

So even this modern fashion bridal tomboy, yes, was dazzled. Truth.

I was allowed backstage access (thank you ZOYA!) to see the buzz of the models and stylists, and of course the spectacular poof of the brilliant white dresses, which did overtake me, all racked up. Sushine Outing, the lead manicurist did a supreme job of having the nails nearly disappear into the glisten and wonder of the dresses, in a subtle but definitive way. She used the colors Electra and Snowsicle. Perfection, no?
Zoya Nail Polish in Snowsicle. Perfect for Weddings.
Zoya Nail Polish in Electra. TIP: Want to add an unforgettable holographic flash to your special White day? Do a half moon with this. Or just the 4th finger and the rest a nude color, or even Snowsicle.
I love the action of fashion show backstages. Where it all begins.

And here's a  little video to give you a taste of a little Reem in Wonderland :-), so you can get an up close and personal feel...


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Monday, October 22, 2012

Visiting Manicurist Lisa Logan's new spot: The Nail Suite

Lisa Logan's The Nail Suite: Good Times & Fantabulous Nails
I first met Lisa Logan at a nail event this past summer and loved her warmth and super sincere vibe. We were both mothers of only daughters and she just had such a big heart -- <3!  She had told me she was just about to open her own place up in Harlem -- and I'd been meaning to go ever since my long respite in Hawaii. I didn't know until later she was Beyonce's personal nail stylist.

Well, my personal nail experience with her was fabulous. The Nail Suite is like going into a neighborhood beauty parlor where you've known everyone forever. The ambiance is just full of embrace and friendly chatter. Neighbors stop by to say Hi and "talk story" as they say in my hometown of Honolulu. I even got to meet her beautiful daughter as she stopped by that day!

And, Lisa treats everyone like she's been your friend forever. I love that! I highly recommend you visit Lisa's new place -- the prices are exceptionally reasonable and she and her team will give you a manicure to die for -- as you'll see below! Appointments can be made at

Thank you xoxoxoxoxoxo Lisa!

Lisa's Special Design Nails w/ a Jamaican touch on the Pinky:

The tools and polish!
Adding the base and cutting strips for design. Here you can see where the l'il Jamaican touch began.
More meticulous design cutting.
On comes the black!


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Friday, October 12, 2012

My Guest Editorship for StyeUnited! Tips on Style, Beauty & Fashion on Facebook

Until next week I'm the Guest Editor for StyleUnited's Facebook Page
Hi! As you may know, one of the many hats I wear as a style and beauty influencer is to be a featured contributor for Right now I'm their Facebook page Guest Editor and I'd love for you to check out all the tips I'm posting for all your head-to-toe glamour needs! Enjoy and send any comments and questions of course you have on your mind! xoxo - Nuy

A post from earlier this week with one of my dear, sweet friends and colorist Marie Robinson. See her tips for taking care of color treated hair in one of my earlier stories on here.

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Haute Polish Gel Nail DIY Giveaway

Haute Polish At Home Gel Nail DIY Kit

Hi fans and loyal supporters! As you may have recently seen on my Facebook Page , I've decided to move all my content to my public Nuy Cho FB profile (no more NuyBeauty FanPage), so it'll be easier to follow all the things I cover in beauty, style and fashion for the busy femme fatale on the go.

Come make the transition with me, be my friend/subscribe on Facebook and follow me on Twitter/Instagram in the next week and you can win this awesome Haute Polish kit, which allows you to in just a few minutes get gel nails at home! Again, budget and time saving style and beauty -- a total plus and check (!) in my book! The winner will be announced next week! Just make sure to give me a way to contact you so I can send you, if you're the lucky winner, the gift! Prezzie include two bonus gel nail Haute Polish Colors! ;-)!


Thanks for joining me in my "move"!


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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trimming Facial Hair was Never Easier! Panasonic's New Precision Facial Hair Trimmer

I loved using Panasonic's new Precision Facial Hair Trimmer. I usually use Japanese mini scissors for the little straggler brow hairs, but this did the job way quicker. And who doesn't want to save time!
Brows are my thing. They supremely design your face. They can even make or break your look, I believe this wholeheartedly. I've always used a combo of my fav Rubis tweezers and little Japanese mini brow scissors to keep my brows neat and in check (see my video with Brow Guru Soul Lee for tips on how to get amazing brows at home) -- but then I found out about Panasonic's new Precision Facial Hair Trimmer ($30).

Needless to say, I LOVED it. The little hairs in between my lids and my brows I didn't have to meticulously pluck!!! And, hey those tiny embarrassing hairs around the corners of your mouth, in your nose (yes, gasp! I said it) -- all gone in seconds w/out any ouchy plucking or scissoring. No nicks! And it comes in a cute hot pink, handy pen-like casing. What's not to adore? And it's waterproof. Yay!
Love that it looks like a sophisticated pen in your bag. Always gotta look good -- even in your purse!
Go get yourself one and put it in your purse to be prepared for those days you find that funky hair poking out of your nostril. Haha! Mine is going in my purse STAT!


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