Monday, July 30, 2012

Boys to Men: Styling them for Deep Summer

When we look at men, boys, dudes, guys, not only do we look at their faces and bodies, we look at their clothes and style. It's important. We make judgments about them (admit it!), and just like for us women, it says a lot about their character. Dressing well is supreme. I recently did a story for StyleUnited. on 7 stylish looks for MEN and would love you to take a look -- using two lovely young males. The outfits ranged from streetwear to ultra classy:
7 Stylish Ways to Dress Your Man on

Also, I thought it'd be fun to give you some outtakes and detail shots from this super fun LES, NYC shoot, where my team, style assistant Kristen King, and intern Alyssa Parsons were awesome in helping to pull the whole indoor/outdoor experience together. Thanks girls! Enjoy the fashion scenery and have fun mixing and matching the styles to help put together your next looks for your boys to men. Shopping for them, dressing them is truly a fun experience when you get in on it with them, and match their tastes (TIP: meet them halfway, just like in a relationship ;-), if you have a fashion disagreement!)

Matt is wearing Moscot Nebb Sunglasses by Moscot

Bogdan is sporting a hat and Lannon Chino Pants by DQM, Old Skool Skateboarder shoes by Vans, DQM New York, Shirt, Vintage Theory button down shirt courtesy of Buffalo Exchange NYC.
Vans Classic Checkerboard slip-ons (left) and Vans OG Palm Leaf Hi Tops, DQM NewYork
Bogdan's cashmere hoodie is by Marc Jacobs Collection, a Vans tank, at, and Moscot Drew shades.
Matt is wearing a Vans Striped Tank and Palm Leaf Hi Tops, DQM Malto Canvas Shorts, a Vintage Rooster Patterned hoodie courtesy of Buffalo Exchange NYC, and Moscot Cassius shades.
The Crew taking a break on the LES, NYC: Top- Left to Right: Intern Alyssa Parsons Models, Matthew Kruszelnicki and Bogdan, Style Assistant, Kristen King; Bottom - Fr Left to Right: Matt, me, Bogdan and Kristen.
Special thanks to Buffalo Exchange NYC Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Men's Summer Giveaway: Marc Jacobs T-Shirt

Marc Jacobs Marc Jackass T, Size L, Navy - Who's the Lucky Winner? :-)
Happy Friday! So as the NuyBeauty Summer Seaside Giveaway wraps up tonight, I decided that I really shouldn't ignore my wonderful male readers, fans, husbands, partners, boyfriends, and the like. Men need attention in the gifting and prezzie department too! And a fashion gift? What's not to love ?

So, again, for to win this super fun Marc Jacobs Jackass t-shirt, which I think is a classic for fans of the brand, just Like my Facebook Page by next Wednesday, August 1. And if you also follow me on Twitter and / or Instagram, you'll receive a nice surprise treat!

Have an awesome weekend! Xoxo

Congratulations to Ed Oshiro for winning the T-shirt! Please contact me or my lovely intern to get your gift!

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DIY Nail Art: From Feathered to Bejeweled

Nail Art is the latest accessory craze. Every day we see new materials, patterns, 3-D sculptural effects on fingers of women -- so much that it's dizzying. I'm a big fan of DIY-ing just as a creative project, as long as it's not a headache, and hey - sometimes it does save you some money. So here are two ways to simple translate some of the more intense design nails into your everyday home nail routine: one using jewels, and the other just playing with brush strokes and color, that I did for StyleUnited. Happy Results!
A Quide to DIY Nail Art: Opalescent Tip Effect & Ombre/Feathered Effect
5 Steps to Bejeweled Nails
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4 Steps to the Perfect DIY Jean Cutoffs

Don't know what to do with your old hole-y jeans? Have piles of them lying around that are too annoying to get to your local GoodWill? Well just grab a pair of scissors and cut the legs off. Jean cutoffs are something that will never cease to go out of style. But there is an art to creating them to look good on your body. Here's a quick piece I did for StyleUnited that'll make it easy in four quick steps to make it happen for you. Your legs and bum will look hot for the peak of summer!

In just 10 minutes, you will have the perfect cutoffs.  

Wear with flats and a fitted top, or go a little sexier with a looser, flowing top, and a more statement shoe. The blousier top, that should come below the waistline will balance out the leggy factor added by the heel or platform

Model Sara wears a loose top to balance out nude statement wedges with her newly cut jeans.  

Add bronzer or self tanner if your legs are pale, plus even baby oil to up the leg appeal if your are pale! It works!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dress for Destiny: My Love for Coco Chanel

 Gabrielle Chanel and her friend from her younger days, opera singer Marthe Davelli (left) on a yacht
193, photo Denise Tual in, Chanel and her World by Edmonde Charles-Rou. Fashion Tip: Notice the bold, gold bracelets in triplicate. Simple, minimal but repetitious. The slacks were probably Chanel's most significant contribution to female style in the 20th century. Women were, because of her designs, able to wear pants and be sexy, sophisticated and modern.
My motto: never leave the house without being dressed to impress, because who knows who you might meet -- the President, a rock star, a person that could change your life? I was taught this by my mother, and then my maternal grandmother made sure this was ironed into me -- she was never seen wearing a sneaker in her life despite having fled North Korea during the split! Who knew, one of my most favorite designers of all time had a great quote on this:

"I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny." 

Ahhhh, Gabrielle Chanel. Thank you. :-)


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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Seaside Beauty Giveaway

Swag includes conditioner, nail color, summer fragrance, eyeshadow, self-tanner, plus a bonus present! Brands include Revlon, Narciso Rodgriguez, CoverGirl, Zoya, L'Occitane, St. Tropez, and more -- Enjoy!
Inspired by the brilliant colors of the South Pacific ocean, here is a sweet little bundle of sea-colored treats to help you with your beauty regime. All you've got to do is like my Facebook Page by Friday, July 27. Then, I'll pick the lucky Liker and send you your seaside goodies. Swag includes conditioner, nail color, summer fragrance, eyeshadow, self-tanner, plus a bonus present! Brands include Revlon, Narciso Rodgriguez, CoverGirl, Zoya, L'Occitane, St. Tropez, and more -- Enjoy! You're a click away from beach-ready beauty! Xo!
If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram @nuybeauty too, I'll include bonus treats by Shu Uemura!

Shu Uemura, impossible to get in the U.S. pastel shimmer sage green eyeshadow

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Waterproof Hair Sun Protection & Skin-Healthy Treats: Chatting w/ blogger Catherine Toth in Honolulu

Creator of, Catherine Toth and I dish about Hawaiian Beauty, Style and Food

Who doesn't love hot summer styles and eats? Well embracing my trip home to Honolulu, Hawaii, I joined forces with my friend and blogger, Catherine Toth of (I'm a huge fan of all her travels and food journeys!) to bring you a fun piece about local Hawaiian beauty -- a combination of relaxed casual styles, lots of sunning and skin awareness, and yummy hot weather eating.

I hope you enjoy what we can bring to you about local Hawaiian style. It's a beautiful place, with gorgeous style! Let us know what you think!

Hawaiian Eats and Hair Sun Protect Product List:

1) One of Catherine's favorite spots for Acai Bowls. You can buy acai jewelery or other beads and accessories there as well! And not to mention, the acai berry has the highest concentrations of antioxidants than any other fruit - so it is excellent for your skin to benefit in anti-aging. Happy Skin-Beautiful Eating!

2) Waterproof natural hair sun protection alternative: sesame oil*: Use Neutrogena Body Oil ($10)

3) Ouidad Sun Shield Sun & Sport Leave-in Conditioner Spray ($20)
4) L'oreal Paris Vive Pro Shampoo/Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair w/ UV Filters ($5)

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ultimate Hawaiian Summer Tanning Tip

Monoi Tiare coconut oil in the Jasmine (tiare) scent
The tropics. Hot summers. It's warm out there. We're in the thick of July. You want your skin to be as glowing and tan as possible perhaps? I'm in Oahu, my hometown for a vacation right now and wanted to let you know in a little tanning secret. It's skin-safe, AND smells like heavenly paradise. What have you got to lose?

Coconut oils have always been used in island cultures to optimize tanning. It moisturizes the skin, and adds a glow to the skin, which reflects light, creating an optimum tanning base, as the light reflects all over your body. Even better, coconut oil smells delightful and subtle so it's like instant aromatherapy! And, coconut oil works like a mineral oil, but it's great for sensitive skin becasue it doesn't tend to cause any reactions in skin -- so it's great for people with sensitivities, dryness, and mild skin conditions.

Ultimate Tanning at work at Waimea Bay, Hawaii
The Ultimate Hawaiian Tan with Monoi Coconut Oil from Tahiti:

1) Apply sun protection first before you hit the beach or go into the sun, using a sun protection lotion of at least SPF 30 or higher. Let it set for a few minutes so it is absorbed.

2) Use Monoi Coco oil.  Monoi has several scents, like Jasmine or Vanilla or Frangipani -- Gardenia (tiare) is my favorite. Rub a generous amount all over your body. You can even put some in the ends of your hair as it is very nourishing for damaged hair -- it provides essential proteins.

3) Bonus Perfume-use Tip: I use the scented Monoi oils around my neck and upper arms on a daily basis just for a shoulder glow and a natural, subtle perfume. Try it!

4) Reapply as necessary, just as you would your sun protection.

Let me know what you think! xo


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Monday, July 9, 2012

Sun-Friendly Paradise Painted Hair with Ian Scott Dorey (Plus DIY Tips!)

My Paradise Painted hair by Ian Scott Dorey, Creative Color Director of Ouidad Salon in NYC

Want an elegant way to candy-color your hair that will fade nicely with sun exposure? Here's a great way to do it with the creative expertise of my friend and colorist, Ian Scott Dorey, the Creative Color Director of Ouidad Salon in NYC.

Color-treated hair is something we must always protect from the sun. The yummy and radiant rays that feel so good on our skin are not only damaging to our skin, but also to our precious locks, particularly if they've been color-treated. For my recent respite to my hometown of lovely Honolulu, Ian, had the inspiration to paint my hair a tropically motivated color -- lavender/violet.

Moved by the vibrant and purple tones of the bougainvillea and orchids, and countless other flowers of that tone, Ian picked lavender/violet also because, he emphasized, it would fade well with sun exposure, which in Hawaii was inevitable: "A blue dye for example, would fade into green tones, and you wouldn't want that." A purple dye transitions into rose-y lavender and dusty pink tones before going back ultimately to the lifted bleached blonde tips first done to naturally dark hair within a few weeks time.

My tips are professionally lifted to blonde before the violet shades are added.
If you'd like to do this at home, Ian recommends you really do see a professional colorist if your hair is anything but naturally blonde. However if you are a natural blonde, a DIY may be possible. And Ian further recommends that you only do a few pieces in the front, because the hardest part is trying to do the back yourself.
Paradise Painted Hair Up Close

DIY Paradise Painted Hair with Ian Scott Dorey:

Materials Needed:

Manic Panic (pick a purple shade of your choice)
Gloves to protect your hands
A robe or towel to protect your skin and clothes
Clips to pull your hair back

Again, Pro TIP is to not do this unless you're a natural blonde or already professionally bleached blonde, because trying to lift your hair yourself is not recommended.

1) Mix some Manic Panic with a little bit of hair conditioner in a color-safe plastic bowl. The more parts you put of Manic Panic to conditioner, the stronger the purple will be -- the more conditioner you put, the more lavender it will be. Purple fades nicely with sun exposure and will suit many different skin tones, just as in lip or eye shadow color.

2) Take a very fine toothed rat-tail comb and take a few sections of hair just from the front of your head (e.g. from the ear to the face). Clip the remainder of your hair back. Choose sections you want to color. You can tease the hair using the comb, holding the tips, combing upwards, says Ian, and just do certain select parts to create a painted and natural looking effect.

2) Comb the hair into one-inch sections and then right at the tips, massage the color mixture into the tips you've chosen.

Ian demonstrates to his apprentices how to massage the color mixture into the ends.
3) Let your hair process for around 20-40 minutes. Checking the strands between your fingers every ten minutes after the first 20 minutes to see how the color looks.

4) Rinse off the color mixture with super cold water, and in general try to rinse your hair this way when possible Ian advises for healthy hair and ends: "It will help seal your hair cuticles." Depending upon how much conditioner you put in your mixture, you may not need to condition your hair.

5) Care for your newly treated hair always by using shampoo and conditioner especially made for color-treated hair. Try not to shampoo the ends too often, Ian says, if you can help it. This will help make the color last for longer.

6) For added protection try Ouidad's Sun Shield Sun & Sport Leave-In Spray ($15) when spending extended time in the sun for protection with UV filters - though designed for curly hair, I found that it works for all hair types.

Left: Ian's Paradise Painted hair after two weeks time, which has faded into a rose, hibiscus shade with lavender undertones. Right: The original more violet/purple shade a few days after the color processing.
Good Luck, and let me know how your DIY's go if you try it!

-- N.C.

Many Thanks to Ian Scott Dorey and Ouidad Salon NYC! xoxo

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Makeup for Vogue China

Recently I had the privilege of painting the stunning face of Chloe Sevigny for Vogue China, the July issue. Have a look...

Photographed by Danko Steiner, Styled by Ana Steiner
Makeup/化妆 by Nuy Cho