Monday, March 15, 2010

The Mommy Getaway: Sporty

I went skiing for the first time the other day. I felt the need to do something completely out of my element, and for this island girl, snow athletics seemed like the perfect thing. Sure, there's ski to be had on the Big Island of Hawai'i, but I never went because my family was into dry terrain sports like golf, swimming and tennis. Essentially, I wanted a one-day Mommy Getaway -- something that didn't involve the logistical planning of an overnight stay but would still allow me to get out of the city and out of the head-space of my regular life. I speak to many mothers who say to me constantly, "If I could just get away by myself for just one day!" We all deserve a little time off from the home turf, alone.

I booked a one day trip to go to Hunter Mountain, accompanied by a good friend of mine, B, a wordsmith I frequently consult with. She hadn't skied in over 15 years and I was a ski-virgin, so we made sure a Beginner's lesson was included in our package. I have to admit that the moment the cast-like boots went on with the fasteners akin to torture devices, my heart started racing.

On the path to the bunny slope, our instructor worked with us to get our bearings on the snow. With three-foot long attachments bonded to my legs, I felt like an awkward, overgrown toddler as I learned to duck-walk in a circle. I was struggling to understand the nuances of the particular balance and movement involved, and my mind was fighting with me. It was that classic adult resistance where you know you're going to fall and you're scared -- and the awareness is biting you in the butt.

I slipped and slid, and the instructor and B herringboned ahead of me. I said to myself, "What's the worst that can happen? Okay, so you fall, big deal. A falls ten times a day and she could care less!" And with that I began to relax. Twenty minutes later, I had skied down the length of the bunny slope -- granted there were 3-year-olds in miniature snowsuits whizzing by me like pros, pole-less. But the exhiliration of riding the snow like a wave and feeling weightless? I was grinning so hard it felt like a face massage.

I did end up falling a bunch of times - off the chair lift! And each time I did I laughed it off in the same way I encourage my daughter to when she takes her spills. For those 12 hours we were away in the celestial Catskills, I thought nothing of my daily stresses.  Over the next few days I was happier than I'd been in a while, high off my ski-rides. And then, suddenly I found the courage to take A off the bottle, something I'd been slightly terrified of doing.

I had been inspired.

The Sporty Getaway 1-2-3:

The beauty of the Sporty Getaway is that it incorporates exercise, which promotes good circulation and overall fitness. And both of these contribute greatly to luminous skin and a healthy physique. With spring in the air, what better time time to get your body moving to a new beat? If you don't live in the areas the below links cover, keep in mind they are just a bouncing off point for you to brainstorm your very own, personalized, Mommy Getaway.

1) Skiing is sensational! Try NYC Ski & Board.

2) My brother J went whitewater rafting last summer and couldn't stop talking about it. Give Crab Apple Whitewater a look-see.

3) I've only ever caught one wave (I know, embarrassing for a girl from Hawaii) because I've barely surfed. I know Girls Who Surf are good teachers, and next time I'm home, I'm signing up!


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marni said...

Good For You! I wish that I would be able to go skiing. I am a big baby, and scared to death of skiing!!