Monday, April 5, 2010

Eye Want Color!

Spring is all about change -- the scent of the air, the warmth, the empowering sunlight. And as the season's scenery changes, you can't help but have a sunnier outlook. New York City has been ripe with the bounty of brighter months ahead as winter's cold and shivering tail zigzagged and disappeared into a street corner. A and I celebrated this week, by going on a picnic with our dear friends, drawing our names and faces in our favorite park with chalk, and donning floral frocks and denim minis. To top off the cheerier weather, I also rolled out my eyeshadow palettes for some play. The thing about colored eye shadows is that if you don't overdo them, and keep it minimal, they're actually not as hard to pull off as you might think!

All it really takes is a few strokes, literally. Try a new color! Play around with eye shadows you may already have lying around, untouched in your vanity. Don't be afraid to try out that army green or navy blue from the beauty counter gift-bag.  Don't ever assume that a color doesn't work for you without trying it on first. You may be pleasantly surprised.

I am wearing Shu Uemura's Pressed Eye Shadow ME600 ($20)

Eye Shadow 1-2-3: 

Start with a clean face / clean lids. It's up to you whether or not you want to first line the eyes with some sort of liner. If it is part of your routine, then go for it. If not, don't worry about it. But, if you do line your eyes, stick with black, as it is the most neutral, and will go with whatever eye shadow color you choose.

1) Take an eyeshadow brush that has shorter, firm bristles, like my 5R Kolinsky by Shu Uemura ($58) or you can try Kashuk Tool's Small Eye Shadow Brush ($10), and dab a little bit of shadow on it. Don't get too much on the brush, and blow off any excess shadow before applying. Apply a very fine and thin layer of color at the lash line. And as you work from the inner to outer area of your lid with your brush in nice, steady, soft, strokes, start to fan out the color to widen slightly like a, narrow, sideways `V' toward your temples.

2) The trick to doing quick, risk-free colored eyeshadow, is to minimize the amount of color applied. You don't need a lot of color to make an impact. Keep the color close to the lash line, and refrain from painting big, crowd-stopping blocks of color between your eyes and brows. A little goes a long way. And by keeping the shadow on the light and slim side, it spares you room for error. Think of it as more like lining your eyes liberally with the shadow, rather than shading. And just stick to the top lid.

3) Finish with some mascara, blush and clear lip gloss.


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marni said...

i have a million eyeshadows, but always switch between the same 2 colors!! Have to get more creative with the colors!

Veronika said...

I've been needing this advice! Can't wait to try it next weekend :)