Monday, May 17, 2010

The Unadorned Face

Me, after a long, hot day with my daughter and family in Boston/Cambridge for a wedding. I had been up and running since 6 a.m. and this photo was taken after midnight so I freshened up with my tinted moisturizer, bronzer, and lip gloss for the shot. 18 hours in near 90 percent humidity deserves one reapplication!
It has been hot, hot, hot in New York City of late. I've been endlessly outdoors with my daughter A soaking in the rays at the parks, playgrounds, and just walking about our urban paradise. Having grown up in Honolulu, as soon as it gets warm enough to hear the ice cream trucks chiming about the neighborhood, I start cutting off my jeans and wearing Havaianas. I literally wore short shorts, a cotton T-shirt and sandals for my entire high school career. As for cosmetics, aside from my weekend or after-school stints when I would render full "looks" for myself and occasionally friends, I was au naturel during school hours. When the heat is on, letting your face breathe with minimal make-up is simple and seasonal, and also withstands the heat.

I have read articles in the past about how some popular fashion models' faces appeal to us because their features mimic those of babies -- the larger eyes, the smaller nose and the petite, round mouth. Clearly, very young kids don't wear make-up. Unless you count the sidewalk chalk the little ones in our neighborhood draw on their faces on playful afternoons.  But as I've admired the adorable faces of all my daughter's friends, I started to think about how appropriate it is in the summer time to go back to our own unadorned faces.

My daughter A and I both share a complexion that despite sunblock, tans easily. Warm days have only just begun but we are already sporting matching flip-flop tan lines. The extra color on her cheeks, mixed with the glimmer of her dewy face and flushed lips from running around in the sun, is the picture of golden youth. Who's to say that as mothers we can't celebrate our own natural glow? The point really is to remember that you have one.  You were born with one, and you are raising the very one or ones, who emit to you everyday the message that life is good.

So enjoy. Soak in the good weather. Take it all in.

Fresh-Faced and Bare 1-2-3:

1) Start with tinted moisturizer. If you get one with SPF, then it serves as a three-in-one product, and anything that provides an all-in-one service, I think most moms can agree, is undeniably helpful. [Stay tuned for my next story on tinted moisturizer for product picks].

2) A cream/stick bronzer like the Nars Multiple Bronzer ($38) or the e.l.f. All Over Cover Stick in Toasted or Golden Peach ($1), will give you the sheer and seamless, color and definition you need.

3) To finish, add some peach, berry or pink lip gloss. I like to add a few coats of waterproof mascara if time allows, just to add a little depth to the eyes. And, if make-up longevity is a concern, dust loose powder over your entire face to help seal and set.


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cheri said...

i never liked wearing make-up. i only put face powder and lip tint when i had to go teach (i used to work as a trainer). nowadays, only lip gloss makes my day :)

from SITS :)