Thursday, May 19, 2011

Smart Beauty Packing for Air Travel

It's taken me awhile to conquer the plum amount of products, in skincare and make-up, to bring along with me for my travels. There were the days in my 20s where I lugged the Samsonite travel case or Shu Uemura Box with me, and every new-fangled fashion and beauty accoutrement I had accompanied me. Now, with my busy mom i.d., it's all about being as weightless (therefore swift for being on the go) as possible. But of course, still having all the goods for prettying up and taking care.

Helpful Tips & Goods for Smart Beauty Packing (Air Travel) :

1) Travel Rules: A simple guideline from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for carry-on packing. Also, it's helpful to put your zip top bag with the liquids, gels and aerosols at the top of your bag, or wherever you can easily access it as TSA rules dictate you are supposed to take the bag out when you remove your shoes, for x-ray screening.

2) Beauty Minis: Drugstores always have travel aisles where you can pick up travel size containers of toiletries, if you don't already have them. Also, here are two great travel sets by Caudalie (Beauty on Board, $15) and Bliss (Sinkside Six-Pack, $22), which you absolutely can't go wrong with -- complete with bags.

3) Makeup Bag Chic: I love this sleek travel case by Marc by Marc Jacobs (Pretty Nylon Small Cosmetic Bag, $78), in the three lovely colors of black, plum and gray. The rectangular shape is optimal for both elegant aesthetics and functionality.


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