Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Beauty Giveaway Halloween Beauty Giveaway: Comment on this post to have a chance at the fun, products that could be yours!
Halloween is a time when our kids get to go buck wild in pure sugar-highs and smile in their cool costumes while we admire, gush, and snap away with our cameras and smartphones. And, I thought on this day, when we mothers pour our energies and hearts into our children, their festivities and costuming -- that I should give away a special treat bag full of beauty and pampering items just for us Mamas.

Because we deserve it! Just comment on this post to have a chance at winning the surprise giveaway bag. The winner will be announced next week. Have a great Halloween!



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Suzanne said...

Hey Nuy, Happy Halloween!
Suzanne (Lucy's mom)

Mary said...

Nuy, is there a favorite eyeshadow color to recommend for fall?

urbanrhetoric said...

so exciting! happy halloween!

Monica said...

Hey Nuy,
Is it outdated to match your eyeshadow colors to your outfit?

Nuy Cho said...

Hi Mary:
I would say that I'm loving the smokier look of having a dark metallic charcoal shade rubbed around the lids, kind of in a messy romantic style. You could also use a black eye shadow. Good Luck!

Nuy Cho said...

Hi Monica:
I don't necessarily think it's outdated per se. I think you shouldn't think of it as a formula. Sometimes it is nice to have touches of color that reflect what you are wearing. Try it out and see if it works. Keep it subtle, is my one suggestion. But have fun!

Louie and Otis said...

Happy Halloween! As long as I don't have to trade with Phoebe for the candy rejects!

solveig said...

Happy Halloween! Halloween in Rome is a bit lame. But it's the best day of the year nonetheless. I love it. On Halloween the fall starts. At least here. And I start wearing stockings.

M & M said...

I love surprises... especially ones that can make me feel beautiful. Thanks for thinking about moms (as always).

riki said...

love being pampered ... & beautified!!! :)

Anonymous said...

so exiting!