Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Your Best Prom Look Photo Contest!

Ever come upon a prom photo of yours and thing, OMG!, look at my bangs, look at my eyeshadow (!!!), I totally forgot about that guy! -- the memories, giggles, gasps are endless. Fun, fun, fun! I just happened upon mine as I've been thinking about upcoming proms and makeup for all of those getting ready.

`Tis the season gals. It's time to pull out your photos and post them! C'mon now, let's have some laughs together. I'll start with mine:

My Junior Prom Pic: You've got to at least think my hair-sprayed beachwave bang thingamajiggie is entertaining - coupled with the bowl haircut. I'd had a stylish short pixie cut by a master cutter in Seoul that no stylist in Honolulu had been able to replicate -- so this was what was. Haha!
Post your photo to Facebook in the next week (the contest ends this Friday) and the best one wins this little gathering of beauty swag. Enjoy and good luck! Can't wait to check your pics out!

Beauty Swag: Products from OPI, Estee Lauder, Zoya, Cover Girl, and a bonus -- my favorite Japanese paper face mask!
-- N.C.

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