Sunday, November 18, 2012

Make Up Room: Pattern Body/Face/Hair Washes

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I just discovered a new line of excellent 3-1 washes by a company called Pattern -- meaning you can wash your hair, face and body with these. I LOVE that. I also adore that there is no arfificial anything in the product -- mo parabens, no SLS/SLES, (foaming agents), it's totally vegan, and there is no animal testing. And to top it off, the packaging is gorgeous, minimal and looks beautiful in your bathroom.

A few of my favorite Pattern products shown here: The Sage Body Lotion and the Nutmeg Moisturizing Wash.

They're great to use with both men and women, as well as with kids (which I've been doing) and my favorites are the SAGE Body Lotion -- with essential oils of sage, star anise, grapefruit and cotton flower as well as Echinacea, Jojoba, anti-oxidants, and Vitamin E, and the NUTMEG Moisturizing Wash -- with nutmeg, amber, cardamom and lavender, and anti-oxidants and Vitamin E. They're packed with ingredients to protect the skin from environmental damage, which is fantastic.

The scents are thoughtfully designed to be aromatically pleasing and sophisticated, but not overpowering -- and BONUS! they're very moisturizing and great for sensitive skin. I also loved the Sage lotion so much, I started carrying it around in my makeup kit.

I've tried many a multi-product before, but I'd have to say that so far, the Pattern washes beat out any other in the Hair and Skin multi-use category. My hair felt wonderful and moisturized, as well as my skin. I highly recommend!

The Full Line of Patern, available at ($20 each)



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