Friday, April 26, 2013

Pattern Body Wash Giveaway: Award Winning, Natural Skincare Just For You!

Pattern Nutmeg Moisturizing Body Wash, a $20 value, all for you
One of my new favorite unisex bodywashes, is made by Pattern. They are all natural award-winning, loved by beauty editors (Cosmopolitan, NY Times, New Beauty, Men's Health), with no parabens, no artificial fragrances, colors or dyes -- and are not tested on animals. The washes are made with essential oils and plant extracts are for hair, face & body, which makes it great for kids & the whole family -- particularly if you have sensitive skin, are active, and want something simple and multi-use.

Simply follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter @nuybeauty, as well as Pattern Body Wash and you will be instantly entered to win the ph-balanced Nutmeg Moisturizing Wash, winner of the Shecky's Best Body Wash 2011 -- and has a lovely scent of nutmeg, amber, cardamom and lavender. Delish!
Simply Follow @nuybeauty on Twitter/Instagram & @PatternBodyWash, and be entered to win a bottle of this awesome Nutmeg Moisturizing Body Wash I always have in my bathroom.
Congrats to Ive Yeung for winning this contest! YAY! Woot IVE! xo


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