Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best Smart Phone Apps for a Glamorous New Year's Selfie

Tired of struggling to add 10+ filters and way too much lighting to your ill-taken selfie before posting it with a half shrug? Well, here are a few awesome android/iPhone apps to make the selfie experience a one-take post.

Now, I'm not saying that we have to share a totally foreign version of ourselves unrecognizable to our friends -- but many of us can't afford a $100,000 Hollywood photo shoot and just want to feel good for a moment, so there's no harm in putting your best face forward. Why not remove a few pimples, blemish, and make your teeth whiter in a swipe? I say go for it.

Happy New Year. Look and be the beautiful person you are, even if it's for a silly selfie and embracing the social media moment. Happy Posing!

1. WonderCam: I've been having great fun with app because it gives you the choice to take your pic with the "wonder" filters built in to blast all your blemishes away. Amazing! (Free for iPhone)

2. Beauty Booth Pro: If you don't need the whole face blast effect, this app lets you just fix blemishes and play up your eyelashes (very popular in Asian beauty culture where we so often lack thick lashes!). You can even add cute stickers. ($1.99 for Android and iPhone)

3. Facetune: Need instantly whiter teeth? Want to remove a stray hair? Facetune is like a light photoshop for your phone and very easy to use. ($3.99 for Android and iPhone)


Disclaimer: Nuy Cho has no affiliation to any of the beauty companies mentioned on

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