Monday, January 11, 2010

A Pick-Me-Up Shoot

In early December, I got rejected three times. I won’t go into detail on the whys or hows but I got three Nos. It was just one of those weeks where a couple of doors came flying in my face. Not all the way per se but enough so that by the third time it stung. Sulking in self-pity with a rambunctious toddler is a bad idea so I dug deep to find a portrait of a positive self. Christmas was coming and I had no holiday cards, décor, or presents. It was the perfect time for a spur-of-the-moment photo shoot -- a little healing for me and a quick remedy for the lack of prep.

I quickly dolled myself up with make-up and gave my hair a bit of extra love. I grabbed a simple turquoise top and pulled on some seventies-inspired leggings that were black with serious sheen. A’s hair was cleaned up into a high ponytail. Her outfit: a sweater with a big red bow on the chest by the Japanese designer Undercover with striped tights and a mini. We were camera-ready.

Most of the time I feel like A’s eyes are on me all day to do something entertaining for her. Doing a photo shoot at home can be loads of fun and it takes the focus off of you for those 15-30 minutes as the camera takes charge. You can both act silly -- play and pose together on equal footing. All it takes is a self-timer button.

The trick is to take enough pictures. Take at least 25 or 30, or more if you can. If your camera has a Continuous-or Burst-shoot mode, where the camera will take several photos one after another in one click, that works with the self-timer mode, use it. Make sure you wear something nice and make yourself up for the shoot. If you fully took advantage of being creative and enjoyed yourself you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how joyful you look (and of course your kid too).

It’s good to be in the moment and celebrate, if even for a few minutes, the art of just breaking into a grin.

Perfect Pose 1-2-3:

1) Look straight into the camera, like you would with someone you were having a great conversation with. The more relaxed and natural you are the more the lens will pick up on that.

2) Dress simply in form-fitting clothes (as the camera does tend to add 10 pounds) and stay away from busy backgrounds.

3) Make sure your make-up is fresh but keep it clean and streamlined: no intense colors, e.g., use a colored lip gloss not a raging red lipstick because digital cameras often misrepresent colors.

Bonus: Take a look here at how the pros do it.



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