Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shu, Bobbi, Lash Giveaway: Done and Done and Done!

I live for my waterproof liquid eyeliner!

I loved everyone's comments on their favorite beauty products!

When it comes to cosmetics, there's just something about all those colors and little cases of powders and creams that make me giddy. Thanks for loving everything beauty along with me and stay tuned for more giveaways to come (wink)!

The first beauty booty goes to Eva! Enjoy!



sandra said...

what is your favorite brand of liquid eyeliner? I've never used it before; I like the ease of Chanel's automatic pencil, but I'm thinking of stepping out of my comfort zone and maybe trying something different. thanks!

Nuy Cho said...

Hi Sandra! Oh my goodness, I thought I replied to this, but I see it is not there, so I'm not sure what happened! I am so sorry! I have always depended on my Maybelline Ultra Liner Waterproof Liquid Liner, which is great bang for your buck as a stand-up drugstore product. There's also M.A.C.'s Liquid Eye Liner, and for a pen-tip, my new favorite is tokidoki's Perfetto Eyeliner. Good Luck and lining!