Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Vanity, circa 2005

My vanity, in NYC, circa 2005. I've since streamlined the organization, chucked the Japanese tschotcke collection, and raised the vanity to shoulder height (instead of knee-height, which this one was at), so that my daughter can't and won't be tempted to play with the products.
These days, navigating the words in my head has been like treading through a swamp. I think it's the heat, the humidity and the fact that I'm starting to feel the city closing in on me and my brain, like a big, hot robot. I need a vacation -- preferably somewhere where the breeze isn't being created by my Frigidaire or a street sweeper taking a quick turn. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love this city to death. My daughter and I have great fun here and are lucky enough to live by some beautiful parks. I'm just city-hot. And my beauty product organization story is taking me longer than I'd like because I feel sluggish in this heat. So as a light appetizer for the bigger item in the works, here's a photo from 2005, before I had my child: one of my many vanities. A look into my life ...


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