Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Beauty Masters: Tina Turnbow for Eco-Friendly Make-Up

Eco-Friendly Make-Up, Easy as 1-2-3 at NuyBeauty.com with Tina Turnbow

Welcome to the Beauty Masters, a four-part NuyBeauty.com exclusive interview series that combines the most useful tips on hair color, make-up and brows with step-by-step guidance from some of the industry’s top experts. Over the next several weeks, I am unveiling new interviews as we talk our way into easy, (always!) achievable beauty, one topic at a time.

This week joining us is New York City-based make-up artist Tina Turnbow, whose diverse work can be seen on the pages of American Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Nylon, as well as on the red carpet and, most recently, film. She just wrapped up shooting an indie film starring Anne Heche. I first met Tina when I was at InStyle magazine, and have always appreciated her grounded approach to beauty.

Something that Tina is a big supporter of is eco-friendly cosmetics and skincare. And as a mom, being conscientious about the environment is one way I'll try to teach my daughter about responsible living.  Also, you can't help but be more concerned about the ingredients in the creams and such you're applying when you've got a little one involved. When it comes to going green with make-up, I've felt in the past that it can be challenging to know how to do it right -- like struggling with limited product selection. Here, Tina offers us straightforward but sensational advice on eco-friendly beauty.

Effortless Eco-Friendly Make-up with
Tina Turnbow’s 1-2-3:

What makes a woman beautiful according to Tina?
“Of course it is in the eye of the beholder, but to me it's when a woman has a comfort in her skin that radiates confidence. It’s when a woman takes care of herself and makes the most of her positives, and doesn't get hung up on being perfect."

I am of the belief that we should try to do whatever we can to protect and care for our health. We are bombarded by so many things we can’t control, so why not opt to control whatever you can? And since our skin is the largest organ, constantly absorbing and soaking in what it comes into contact with, why not keep as much of it clean -- free from chemicals, artificial colors and contaminants? How about nurturing and caring for it, since you can't change your skin suit? Like you would with a change of clothes! Eco-friendly skin care and makeup that is chemical free, which is good for both your skin and health, makes sense to me.

To avoid animal testing, look for the rabbit logo. Buy U.S.D.A. organic and biodegradable products. Right now there is a crack down for more control with the campaign for safe cosmetics, but do check the ingredients on beauty products: steering clear of parabens, phthalates [synthetic chemicals used as preservatives], petrolatum, and fragrance.

I love my Mineral Fusion Eye Pencil in Coal ($15) because you never know when you want to smolder! And, I like a fast, smudgy line, where the line is blended out and softened with your fingers. It gives the illusion of a bigger eye. You can also try using two colored eyeliners, like a blue-gray one (try Volcanic by Mineral Fusion, $15) from the inner corners of the eye to the middle, and then a black pencil from the middle of your eye to the outer corners. The blue-gray color will help to brighten your eyes.
Also handy is my Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex ($45), which I like to roll onto anywhere that’s dry. Or you can rub it onto the top of your cheekbones for a little sheen. It even can even go onto the top of the lips. 

Thank you Tina, for your green glamour guidance!
To find out more about her, click here.

And for more information on environmentally safe beauty care, check out this comprehensive resource, the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Safety Database.


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