Monday, January 23, 2012

Mixed Kid Curly Hair Talk and How-to with Natasha Rao of Fashionalities

Oh, the mixed kid's curly headed every day ups and downs, literally! Some days my daughter's hair (she is, for all intents and purposes Black and Asian) is Diana Ross seventies sky-high, other's it's kind of straight with a gentle wave. The fun never ends!

And as I've noticed on the playground, moms of curly-headed kids love to share talk about how we take care for our sometimes crazy maned children :-). So I enlisted an old friend of mine, a fabulous mom fashion blogger whom I met back at InStyle, Natasho Rao of Fashionalities, to do a joint vlog with me on how we deal with our curly-q-ed gals on a daily basis.

So come join in on the discussion, literally! As the fun part of this vlog is that if you follow us on twitter @nuybeauty and @fashionalities, like our pages on Facebook: NuyBeauty and Fashionalities, and tell us what you do with your own corkscrew-haired kids, you can be entered to win an AfterDark Brazailian Titanium Heat 1900 watt pro hair dryer (retail value =$120)! Winner will be announced next week.

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Amanda said...

I never experienced the depth of my vanity until my 2 year old Dominican/Italian princess was tagged on facebook at a birthday party that her father took her to. Her hair was a wreck! I was mortified. She has thin, fine hair like me with the ringlette curls that I have only briefly attempted to create with a curling iron on my own flat hair. When she wakes up its a ridiculous mess that takes at least 15mins to tame. I've been very lucky to be able to wash and go with my own hair, but now I see a future of waking up extra early to make sure my daughters hair is tight for school. So I've been teaching myself how to get it down to a simple routine before she starts school next year.
So, she wakes up with what I call a 'rat's nest' but not just in the back, all over, its one big tangled, frizzy afro that gets taller everyday(which is what her father pulled back into a loose ponytail for the party, ugh). So to tame it I have to wet it all down I add a little of my own product, One Condition by DevaCurl, because the smell of lemongrass gets me through all the whining and detangling. Once its done, her curls are absolutely gorgeous and flawless until we get to the playground and her friends think its so cute they just want to touch it. I learned pretty quickly that those gorgeous curls can turn into a collassal mess when toddler hands are involved. So I found myself asking her friends not to touch her hair(yeah, I'm that mom). Her hair also prompted me to teach her older brother to never mess with a woman's hair. I just cannot stand to see her with messy hair. I think I realized how bad it is a few weeks ago when we went to a wedding on a really cold windy day and I refused to even bring a hat for her and opted to make a mad dash with her from the parking lot, I didnt even cover her head because I didnt want to risk her showing up with a curl out of place.
So I recently taught myself how to french braid (ok, I watched your video) and I've been parting it and braiding it everyday so that it remains untangled and ready to style at all times.
The french braids also work well under her winter hats so she can show up to her playdates looking gorgeous(ok, I do add a little hairspray--don't judge me).