Monday, February 25, 2013

Enjoy Good Days by Unruly Heir: Repost of My Ultimate Grooming Guide for Men

Thank you to @EnjoyGoodDays for Reposting my @PGBeauty Men's Grooming Guide!

For the recent #NYFW, Good Days by Unruly Heir was gracious enough to repost a story I did for by P&G Beauty on ultimate men's grooming. Here's your one stop list for making yourself or your man to look his platinum best, whether it's body trimming or blemish treating, high or low end. I've got it covered it head-to-toe for the wood-chopping macho dude to the metrosexual George Clooney suavé. Check it out! Thank you! xoxo

And please *follow all of us at on twitter/instagram @PGBeauty, @EnjoyGoodDays and @NuyBeauty for the latest in fashion, style and beauty for women and men!  Good Days has got you covered for you and/or your man! And they've also got my friend, Jill Di Donato as their Editorial Director (who's also an author and a columnist for the Women's section/sexual politics section of the Huffington Post). ENJOY!



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