Saturday, February 16, 2013

Two-Minute Confessional with Makeup Artist Nick Barose

Nick Barose, Makeup Artist

I met Nick Barose back at my days at InStyle magazine and have always been a huge fan. He is warm, sincere and just a genuinely sweet person — not to mention a very talented makeup artist. I was lucky enough to sit down with him at Andrea’s Barber Shop in Long Island City, New York (many thanks to the warm staff for cooperating with our shoot!), to chat about makeup, beauty inspirations, and what to do when you realize you’re missing some key essentials from your pro makeup kit.

LOVE him! Follow him @NickBarose on Twitter!

Join us as we gab about his ride into the ultimate makeup world and artistry, and get in on his pro backstage/photo-shoot tips -- my latest for StyleUnited by P&G Beauty! Thank you dear Nick! xoxo

And a very special thanks to Susanne Dollnig, my videographer, who was such an amazing help with the shooting of this video.



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