Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Beauty Gifts for the Best Venter!

You're basically two clicks and a good #vent away from a bag of swag - ha!

Happy happy Mama's Day! My goodness do we work our as*es off all year to provide for our kids - in every which way. Well, I hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow, whether it's a day for yourself chilling out, or with your family and/or children. However you spend it, just know that being a mom is the hardest job in the world and this is the one day you should really really celebrate what a tough cookie you are. And how beautiful a being you are. Smile, relax and enjoy the day that is all about how YOU take care of those around you.

And because I love to give, I want to give a surprise bag of fun and mom-lovin' beauty goodies to a special mommy who comments on anything fun, funny, irritating, basically a FAIL-- whatever you want, that's happened to you as a mom (& if you're a pet-mom, foster mom, it all counts of course!), beauty- or fashion-wise while parenting underneath this blog [in the comments section]. And do me a tiny favor too ;-): follow me on Twitter @nuybeauty. Super easy rules for this contest, right?

The winner will be: the best commentator! You're basically two clicks and a good #vent away from a bag of swag - ha! I love you all! And feel to #VENT on Twitter if you so please! Just hashtag #VENT2NUY when you do so. :-)

Secret, sexy, beauty treats straight from Victoria's Secret Beauty to you!

Plus update, thanks to Victoria's Secret, there will be a bunch of awesome treats from their beauty collection in there, to spice things up - how cool is that?! 

Happy Mother's Day!


Congrats to for her hilarious comment and for winning the contest! Enjoy!



soundofwaves808 said...

my favorite memory was from last mothers day. my 7 yr old made me breakfast in bed - using play-doh! it was so cute it made me cry!

iyeung said...

i religiously do eyelash extensions, but because my kitty got into some householder cleaners, I ended up paying a $1000 vet bill and had to delay my time between extensions. Well, one side fell off sooner than the other and I was hoping no one noticed. But of all people - a guy - my bf noticed and I was mortified! lol

Anonymous said...

One frantic morning while trying to apply my make-up (which happened to include liquid eyeliner) and then race out the door for an important work meeting, my 3 year old decided it would be a good time to tell me how much she loved me and demanded my undivided attention. Several kisses and hugs later I ran out the door looking like a total crazy person! Sloppy liquid eyeliner application can do that to a person.