Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Being Made Fun of By Your Friends Can Actually Be a Good Thing

I used to HATE being laughed at. And I'm saying that I couldn't discriminate between someone ridiculing me, and friends just poking fun at me out of pure love and and "celebrating" my quirks and mannerisms -- and my goodness do I have a lot of them. I walk into poles, crash into people in NYC all the time (irritating my boyfriend all time to no end) I'm the hugest clutz muffin, and well, I guess I in general seem to have no regard for physical objects around me. Not sure how it all happened.

Whatever the case, for most of my life I had a huge defense line around me. NO one could make fun of me. I got horribly offended and couldn't take a joke. I also tend to mispronounce things, get well-known phrases wrong and say them, well crookedly or in reverse. I really am born to be made fun of, but now I get it. Among friends, it's okay to poke healthy fun at each other, as long as it's well-meaning. I have no idea why it took me so long to realize this, as I'm 38 years old! I guess I was a very serious kid! Ask my mom :-)

And maybe my great friends, and what I've been through in life have helped me to understand that life's better with a belly fully of laughs (and maybe an accidental snort)!

And once I started laughing at myself, smiling more, interestingly enough, all my friends said I had a glow about me. My skin improved - acne vanished. NO KIDDING. So beauty wise, it's good to stay on the light side of things. So take some jokes. Make some jokes! I highly recommend it. It's a true beauty serum that's free and fun.

I swear, the inner shits & giggles can add years to your life. You'll be looking ten years younger without even trying. xoxo


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