Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to Apply Smudgeproof Mascara - No Matter How Short or Long Your Lashes!

I was born with really sparse lashes. I used to despise this, but as you grow older you learn to appreciate that some things on your body you like, some you don't -- so you just appreciate the good things. I've never had to shave my legs or mustache (GOOD) so that meant the counterpoint was I had no lashes! `Yin and Yang' as we say in Asian culture.

But it doesn't mean I can't rock mascara, and make my lashes look a lot thicker. It really works, when done well. A lot of us suffer from thin or not-a-full-rack of lashes. But mascara can do a lot for you. Use a smudgeproof and/or thickening mascara, and one pro tip I'll give you, is to use a high quality waterproof eyeliner to individually coat each lash, if yours are as sparse as mine. Then brush them out after the application with a disposable mascara wand. You can buy these at any beauty supply store, like a Sally's.

Here's my how-to video I did for StyleUnited by P&G Beauty on how to effectively apply smudgeproof mascara, if you need help on technique. Or just a refresher course. Enjoy! Happy Mascara Wanding!



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Sara said...

Hi Nuy! It's Sara Hahn. I have a question. I've been using NARS laguna as bronzer, but a friend told me that a lot of sephora is 300% the price as drugstore make up, and drugstore make up is the same but different packaging. Do you have any drugstore bronzers you recommend? Thanks!!

Nuy Cho said...

Hey Sara! Nice to hear from you! I love Laguna, but yes you are correct, there are many drugstore brands that are wonderful, and come from the same factories -- but are just packaged differently. They aren't necessarily the exact same product - but very similar. Why don't you try CoverGirl http://www.covergirl.com/face-makeup/bronzer/clean-glow-bronzer -- or ($8) or I like the elf one too for $3! http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/face/bronzers/baked_bronzer. Good luck and tell me which you like! xoxo