Friday, September 24, 2010

The Brilliance of Braids

I love braids. I was the girl in the room that begged to braid your hair back in the day, and I'm the woman in the boutique who loves the single braided detail on a long, jersey dress. Braids are brilliant and ultimately romantic. They're the one thing that keep me from chopping my hair off when my daughter playfully but painfully tugs on my loose strands, or when I accidentally zip my ponytail into the over-sized zipper on my purse. Yes, ow! But the long, interwoven "works of art" you can achieve make it worth your while.

The Savvy Sideways Plait 1-2-3:

I braid when I feel like my hair isn't lying properly, and I want a quick up-do. Yesterday I did a sideways-three, meaning:

1) I took my hair to one side and did three separate braids, tying them off with small elastic bands.
2) Next, I braided the three individual braids into one big braid.
3) The effect was something I was quite happy with. Have a look, try it if you will, and tell me what you think!

The three-on-one braid
A close-up of the braid that took me five minutes to do.
I used one of my favorite hair-ties to finish (you can get a similar one here).


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Renata said...

One day, one lady :-) told me that the women from Europe have the best good looking and style - you (your blog) are the best example that it is not true.

Nuy Cho said...

Renata, you are unbelievably sweet to say this. And it means so much.
Thank you!