Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Beauty Secret: The Magic of Asian Paper Masks

I have been using Asian disposable paper masks for years, and feel they do wonders for upkeeping my skin. I do them once a week to rejuvenate and they're great for the busy, modern woman. They've been historically hard to get in the United States, (you can get them in $1 stores in East Asia) but now this new brand Masque*ology is going to make it easy for everyone to get them, yay! Here's my video how-to on Asian facial paper masks. And if you ever want to know how to make your own mask with a paper towel, check out my DIY video. Thanks!

Try an Asian Paper Mask!

1) Masque*ology Facial Masks
, available in sets of three ($24-36) at or Sephora from late March. My favorites are the Anti-Aging (with collagen, hydrolized elastin and caviar extracts), and the Pore Minimizing ones (with sodium hyaluronate -- which will help your skin help absorb moisture more effectively -- and panthenol).


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