Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY Nail Art: From Feathered to Bejeweled

Nail Art is the latest accessory craze. Every day we see new materials, patterns, 3-D sculptural effects on fingers of women -- so much that it's dizzying. I'm a big fan of DIY-ing just as a creative project, as long as it's not a headache, and hey - sometimes it does save you some money. So here are two ways to simple translate some of the more intense design nails into your everyday home nail routine: one using jewels, and the other just playing with brush strokes and color, that I did for StyleUnited. Happy Results!
A Quide to DIY Nail Art: Opalescent Tip Effect & Ombre/Feathered Effect
5 Steps to Bejeweled Nails
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