Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ultimate Hawaiian Summer Tanning Tip

Monoi Tiare coconut oil in the Jasmine (tiare) scent
The tropics. Hot summers. It's warm out there. We're in the thick of July. You want your skin to be as glowing and tan as possible perhaps? I'm in Oahu, my hometown for a vacation right now and wanted to let you know in a little tanning secret. It's skin-safe, AND smells like heavenly paradise. What have you got to lose?

Coconut oils have always been used in island cultures to optimize tanning. It moisturizes the skin, and adds a glow to the skin, which reflects light, creating an optimum tanning base, as the light reflects all over your body. Even better, coconut oil smells delightful and subtle so it's like instant aromatherapy! And, coconut oil works like a mineral oil, but it's great for sensitive skin becasue it doesn't tend to cause any reactions in skin -- so it's great for people with sensitivities, dryness, and mild skin conditions.

Ultimate Tanning at work at Waimea Bay, Hawaii
The Ultimate Hawaiian Tan with Monoi Coconut Oil from Tahiti:

1) Apply sun protection first before you hit the beach or go into the sun, using a sun protection lotion of at least SPF 30 or higher. Let it set for a few minutes so it is absorbed.

2) Use Monoi Coco oil.  Monoi has several scents, like Jasmine or Vanilla or Frangipani -- Gardenia (tiare) is my favorite. Rub a generous amount all over your body. You can even put some in the ends of your hair as it is very nourishing for damaged hair -- it provides essential proteins.

3) Bonus Perfume-use Tip: I use the scented Monoi oils around my neck and upper arms on a daily basis just for a shoulder glow and a natural, subtle perfume. Try it!

4) Reapply as necessary, just as you would your sun protection.

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