Monday, August 9, 2010

Twinkle Toes for Mama

Every six months or so, I go all out with the nails, and add something a bit 3-D. It feels good to jazz up the Mommy beauty! Sunday, I went with Priti NYC's Polish in Oleaster (a grey-blue), $13, in a reverse French pedicure with pink crystals. Priti NYC polishes are non-toxic and organic, so they're an option to consider for those with painted fingernails worried about chipped lacquer getting into their babies food or mouths. 

Normally, I would opt for clear crystals, but they were all out at Sakura Nail and Spa, so a twinkly pink line on the moon it was.

Try it out!


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Kerry McCullough said...

Hi There! I'm following you from blog frog. Looking forward to reading :)

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marni said...

Very Japanese!