Friday, August 10, 2012

Best Tropical Styles & Accessories in Hawaii w/

A few weeks ago I did a segment with the vivacious and gorgeous blogger Catherine Toth of on beauty, fashion and food culture in my hometown of Honolulu, HI. The first part covered skin-healthy food and sun protection for your hair. Here's part two where Cat shares her favorite local accessory, swim and clothing designers. Tropical styles are truly beautiful here in this paradise.

Take a look at some of the fashion finds here, and see what you think. I recommend mixing and matching them into your look, whatever your style. Celebrate the last few weeks of summer! xoxo

Best Tropical Styles Honolulu 2012 Shopping Guide:

1) Fighting Eel Boutique: Awesome Day and Night Wear, an elegant choice in the tropics.
Perfect for those who like a relaxed and comfortable, but effortlessly modern look. Fighting Eel Boutique.

2) Tiare Hawaii: Amazing, comfortable and flowing beach dresses and sarongs.
Gorgeous. Absolutely stand out on the shore with Tiare Hawaii.

3) Candy Diaz: Musician and Jeweler. Collects tiny Ni'ihau Coral to design one-of-a-kind ocean inspired pieces.

Delicate and sweet, and a perfect price! Work by Candy Diaz.


Disclaimer: Nuy Cho has no affiliation to any of the beauty companies mentioned on

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