Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Want a ConAir Anti-Frizz Blow Dryer? Post a Vlog Idea!

Frustrated with the Frizz? Just post an awesome video idea you'd like me to do, and an award-winning, new ConAir Blow Dryer is all yours!

Humidity got your hair and you in a bad mood? Need a new blow dryer but don't know what to get? Last year I had a contest where I asked my viewers to let me know what they wanted my next video to be about, and the winning idea ended up being one of my most popular how-to DIY segments on YouTube (How to Make a Sensitive Skin Rice Milk Disposable Facial Mask)!

I was thrilled because my audience, YOU!, are smart and know what you want!

Well, I'd love to hear the next fantastic video idea. And this award-winning ConAir Infiniti Pro Salon-Perform Blow Dryer is all yours (voted by Shape and Seventeen magazines as one of the best anti-frizz fighting tools). And was also tested by yours truly for another big glossy (hint!/stay tuned!). It's a good one!
Voted by Shape and Seventeen magazines as one of the best anti-frizz fighting tools, tested professionally by me: ConAir's Infiniti Pro Salon-Perform Blow Dryer w/ travel bag and twist-folding handle.

Post your video idea for me to film for NuyBeauty by next Monday, Sept. 10, and I truly look forward to seeing what you have in store this year! Beauty. Style. What do you want to see me vlog about next? Xoxo.

****Bonus Treats from Hawaii, where I've been off-site for a month, included for detailed ideas!


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