Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Make Up Room: VS Fantasies Collection: A Shea Butter Dream of Moisture

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Who doesn't love shea butter? It's getting cold on the mainland (that's what us local Hawaiian girls call the continental United States :-)), and moisturizing your skin is key to looking beautiful, young, and also anti-aging. As we mature, we lose more and more our ability to naturally provide our own moisture from the inside. We also lose pigment (think of you hair turning white, but that's a whole `nother issue we don't need to get into now). Anyhow, Victoria's Secret VS Fantasies just came out with a limited edition set of shea butter packed, heavenly scented lotions and a body mist that are sweetly packaged and just a sheer pleasure to massage onto your body.

They have generally all have a two of my favorite beauty ingredients: shea butter (for its sheer high intensity moisturization, anti-inflammatory properties -- and aloe vera, which is a soother, anti-irritant and reduces chafing), but the best part is that they absorb incredibly well and unlike other lotions that may make you ash a few hours later, these have lasting power. I particularly love the MOISTURE LUXE Body Creme, which also has Jojoba Butter, a non greasy skin protectant with tons of benefits! (4 oz./$14). As well as the MOISTURE LUXE Hand Cream, that also has replenishing Avocado Oil, which is packed with Vitamin E, for 24-hour moisture (5 oz./$14; 2.5 oz./$5).

The VS Fantasies Collection, available at Victoria's Secret stores or

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