Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trimming Facial Hair was Never Easier! Panasonic's New Precision Facial Hair Trimmer

I loved using Panasonic's new Precision Facial Hair Trimmer. I usually use Japanese mini scissors for the little straggler brow hairs, but this did the job way quicker. And who doesn't want to save time!
Brows are my thing. They supremely design your face. They can even make or break your look, I believe this wholeheartedly. I've always used a combo of my fav Rubis tweezers and little Japanese mini brow scissors to keep my brows neat and in check (see my video with Brow Guru Soul Lee for tips on how to get amazing brows at home) -- but then I found out about Panasonic's new Precision Facial Hair Trimmer ($30).

Needless to say, I LOVED it. The little hairs in between my lids and my brows I didn't have to meticulously pluck!!! And, hey those tiny embarrassing hairs around the corners of your mouth, in your nose (yes, gasp! I said it) -- all gone in seconds w/out any ouchy plucking or scissoring. No nicks! And it comes in a cute hot pink, handy pen-like casing. What's not to adore? And it's waterproof. Yay!
Love that it looks like a sophisticated pen in your bag. Always gotta look good -- even in your purse!
Go get yourself one and put it in your purse to be prepared for those days you find that funky hair poking out of your nostril. Haha! Mine is going in my purse STAT!


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