Monday, October 22, 2012

Visiting Manicurist Lisa Logan's new spot: The Nail Suite

Lisa Logan's The Nail Suite: Good Times & Fantabulous Nails
I first met Lisa Logan at a nail event this past summer and loved her warmth and super sincere vibe. We were both mothers of only daughters and she just had such a big heart -- <3!  She had told me she was just about to open her own place up in Harlem -- and I'd been meaning to go ever since my long respite in Hawaii. I didn't know until later she was Beyonce's personal nail stylist.

Well, my personal nail experience with her was fabulous. The Nail Suite is like going into a neighborhood beauty parlor where you've known everyone forever. The ambiance is just full of embrace and friendly chatter. Neighbors stop by to say Hi and "talk story" as they say in my hometown of Honolulu. I even got to meet her beautiful daughter as she stopped by that day!

And, Lisa treats everyone like she's been your friend forever. I love that! I highly recommend you visit Lisa's new place -- the prices are exceptionally reasonable and she and her team will give you a manicure to die for -- as you'll see below! Appointments can be made at

Thank you xoxoxoxoxoxo Lisa!

Lisa's Special Design Nails w/ a Jamaican touch on the Pinky:

The tools and polish!
Adding the base and cutting strips for design. Here you can see where the l'il Jamaican touch began.
More meticulous design cutting.
On comes the black!


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Anonymous said...

Lisa is the rudest person and has criticized me (a customer) PUBLICLY to other customers - to the point where people have told me never to go back there. I am not high maintenance - and I have brought multiple people to her store and she is worse than any reality tv show. she does good work but customer beware.