Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Favorite How-To Videos to Date

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I started making how-to beauty videos right after my daughter was born, in 2009, using a ladder as a tripod and a small first generation FlipCam. I used heavy dictionaries to support the camera further -- yup, it was that guerilla. And the videos were shot while my little one was either napping during the day or fast asleep at night. I just did my best!

I was lucky enough to start making more and more videos and got major help and teaching, quickly. And yes - I finally invested in a slightly nicer camera ;-)!

Everything, as the saying goes -- like, walking or talking for the first time doesn't come easy -- even your first great cat-eye in make-up, whether you're trained to do it or just doing it for yourself. Skills are tough. I'm always learning to be better in makeup artist or better on camera -- and I can always be a better mom. We're never perfect - nor should we be! Mistakes are for getting better and by embracing them, is how we live life gracefully and artfully.

Here are my favorite video moments from the last 4 years. And a little test for you. Can you tell in which one I was secretly holding my baby daughter in, because she had awoken from a nap?

No kidding! Haha!


Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the companies I write and vlog about. My picks and decisions are always editorially and artistically-based and independent. 

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