Friday, August 9, 2013

#ALOHANUYBEAUTY Post 1: What's Your Favorite Feature? It's Time to Love it

My 5-year-old daughter feels a sense of accomplishment after hiking up Manoa Falls. The scenic 1.5 hour hike is a nice, light cardio workout perfect for young kids and parents to do together. A great activity for mind and body. The tropical, high density foliage and humidity creates a misty, natural sauna for the skin: so your pores can exercise too ;-).
#ALOHANUYBEAUTY Post 1: What's Your Favorite Feature? It's Time to Love it

Here starts one of several posts I've written w/ my daughter in tow while at home in Honolulu. I come here once a year to visit my parents, research new island beauty trends, do some makeup on island friends and say ALOHA to the island sun!

Natural Skin: Me with little to no makeup in my hometown of Honolulu
POST 1: What's Your Favorite Feature? It's Time to Love it

Throughout my life I've been insecure about many a phsyical feature on me. I wanted a pointier nose, curly hair, and BIG Western style eyelids (and not to worry, I'll dedicate a whole series on this and Asian beauty issues, for those of you who are wondering what I'm talking about). I wanted what was on the other side.

Now, after 38 years on this planet, and realizing how precious our natural given beauty is, I choose not to waste my time obsessing on any single feature. And what I do have, I maintain as best as I can. One of my goods is, skin. Today I'll share how to get that summery dewy glow. My mother gave me her nice, slightly tan skin, but there are ways to work an even dewier complexion. Here's how!

#AlohaNuyBeauty Dewy Skin How-To:

1) Wash your skin no more than 2x a day. If you have oily/combination skin, or are in a tropical/humid climate like Hawaii, use a soap-free cleanser like Avene's Mattifying Cleansing Foam ($20) in the morning; and be sure to wash off all make up all night with warm water. I like Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm ($9)  -- the muslin cloth it comes with assists in combination with the organic shea butter, rosehip and jojoba oils to remove dirt and oils from your face. Not to mention it smells rich and delicious.
For Morning: Try Avene's Mattifying Cleasning Foam

For Evening: Try Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

2) When removing makeup, stroke your face in upwards motions. You don't want to assist gravity in the aging process! Pro makeup artist tip: When removing heavy makeup like waterproof mascara- you can always use baby oil. 

3) On a daily basis, I only wear tinted moisturizer or BB cream (try my new fave by Olay Fresh Effects) and bronzer. No foundation! Keep your daily makeup light and simple. Don't weight your face down if your face down unneccessarily if you don't have to w/ excess makeup! And don't forget your sun protection! ;-) Aging is assisted by the sun - so be preemptive: Wear at least 30 SPF every day!

One of the beaches I grew up next to - Kahala Beach. Beautiful, windy, breezy. Who wouldn't feel pretty in this environment? Stay tuned for more #AlohaNuyBeauty2013 stories to come!


*Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the companies I write and vlog about. My picks and decisions are always editorially and artistically-based and independent. 

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