Friday, November 8, 2013

NuyBeauty Daily Giveaway No. 3: Freeman Beauty Eclos Cleanser & Glitter Nail Decor

Today's Swag: Freeman Eclos Skin Prep Cleanser ($15)
NuyBeauty Daily Giveaway No. 3: 

Today's treat is a paraben- sulfate- synthetic fragrance- synthetic dye- and mineral oil and petroleum oil- free skin prep cleanser to be used day night to clean off your makeup w/ out clogging your pores. It has chamomile and cucumber to soothe and hydrate. The fun thing about this cleanser is it is made with Apple stem cells - who knew that there was a rare Swiss apple that had been extracted of it cells - haha! -- basically the Freeman Beauty reports that these cells help to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture.

One can always use a new cleanser in their medicine cabinet, right? ;-). I've tried the other Eclos products and have enjoyed their textures very much. Try it out!

***And a little extra treat - nail glitter, nail hearts for your DIY nail decor and art. FUN FUN FUN!

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Winner is Aaron Reck - contact me at to redeem your swag! :-)

-- N.C.
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Aaron Reck said...

Pretty and I like the match up of the different products.

sarah shafer said...

The cleanser sounds delightful...and im always game for nail glitter with my little nieces

Ive Yeung said...

love the pairing!