Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NuyBeauty Daily Giveaway No. 5: Nude Lips, Whipped Creme Foundation, Pixie Dust Nails

Nude Boots No.7 Precision Lip Pencil, CoverGirl Whipped Creme Foundation and Base in One, in 305, Zoya Pixie Dust Nail Polish in Sunshine Giveaway
NuyBeauty Daily Giveaway No. 5:

Tuesday Touch of Pretty: a Clean Face by CoverGirl, a fashion forward nude lip pencil by Boots No.7, and a hot nail color by Zoya in their awesome Pixie Dust texture.

All yours if you win!

Rules: Just comment below on this post and confirm you've followed me on either Instagram or Twitter. Whichever platform you prefer. My handle is @nuybeauty and either can be followed easily on the right sidebars on your screen. You get EXTRA CREDIT if you follow me on both! 

If you're already following me - then just post a comment below and you'll be entered to win.

Good luck!

Winner is @urbanrhetoric - contact me at nuy@nuybeauty.com to redeem your goodies :-)

-- N.C.
Disclaimer: Nuy Cho has no affiliation to any of the beauty companies mentioned on www.nuybeauty.com.


Ive Yeung said...

Looks delightful!

urbanrhetoric said...

i follow on twitter! @urbanrhetoric