Thursday, November 14, 2013

NuyBeauty Daily Giveaway No. 6: Can you guess the Free Swag Today? ;-)

NuyBeauty Daily Giveaway No. 6: CHALLENGE

Ever wonder what it's like to have a beauty office? And to share part of it with a professional skater?
Well, here's a small peak at my small office in uptown NYC. It's nothing fancy, but at the same token quite fun to work in and shoot pictures and videos in. Also my daughter and I enjoy creative play in here - painting faces and little dance parties.

On the reverse side, working with a lot of beauty and makeup products is dealing with a constant mess. Imagine having double the amount of toys to clean up -- the messy, glittery, crafty kind. Makeup is very not tidy and like food and paint, it spills. A once pretty bottle becomes full of brown yucky fingerprints, and though you'd like to throw away, if it's a miracle working product on photo shoots, you just can't dump it. Like that rag doll your kid LOVES but my gosh it's just GROSS, right?

I work a lot, like all of us moms do. My challenge is trying to constantly keep up with my beauty mess. There is an influx of products that come in -- that I need to work with and review -- keeping them from overflowing is similar to keeping up with my daughter's toys. I get stressed. I go to the Muji store (ADORE! and I highly recommend), the Container Store. Ikea. I do Spring/Fall/Summer/Weekend cleanups. It's a battle!

And then there's the me, that lets my darling boyfriend, Danny keep some of his skate equipment here. A ConEd worker recently joked with me, "Do you also run a Skate Shop?" I laughed. I find that the skateboard designs / streetwear and its philosophy add a nice grounded contrast to all the "pretty" and appearance heavy direction beauty can take -- as I am all about starting with inner beauty at the core ;-).

Ah, life's a wave of messes, yes? We just try to keep up the best we can.

NuyBeauty Daily Giveway 6: CHALLENGE

Watch the video and pick out the special something from the PSEUDO SKATE SHOP (hint, it's a piece of streetwear) that I'm giving away today from Danny's collection:

Good Luck! Write your comment here or on Instagram and Follow Me! @nuybeauty

Winner is @johnwharff - contact me at to redeem your goodies :-)

-- N.C.
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